Mobile Legends: Adventure Hero Tier List –2023

Mobile Legends: Adventure Hero Tier List –2023

Are you ready to conquer Mobile Legends: Adventure and emerge victorious in battles against bosses and quests? Look no further! Our handy hero tier list is here to guide you through the vast world of Mobile Legends: Adventure, helping you choose the best heroes for your epic journey.

Mobile Legends: Understanding Factions

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, heroes are divided into factions, each with its unique strengths and abilities. Let’s take a quick look at the seven factions in the game:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Elemental
  • Tech
  • Martial
  • Order
  • Chaos

Mobile Legends: The Hero Tier List Breakdown

To simplify your hero selection, we’ve categorized heroes within each faction into tiers based on their effectiveness. Here’s a breakdown of the hero tier list for each faction:

Light Faction

Heroes in this faction excel at providing buffs and dealing moderate bursts of damage. Choose wisely for a balanced combat party.

  • Tier A: Odette, Gatotkaca, Mecha Layla
  • Tier B: Kagura, Uranus, Kimmy, Guinevere, Silvanna
  • Tier C: Minsitthar, Fanny, Chang’e, Gusion
  • Tier D: Rafaela, Freya, Kaja, Tigreal

Dark Faction

Known for crowd control, these heroes can turn enemy strength against them in battle.

  • Tier A: Argus, Pharsa, Vexana
  • Tier B: Selena, Alice, Thamuz, Helcurt
  • Tier C: Moskov, Hanzo, Aldous, Karina
  • Tier D: Balmond, Bane, Granger

Elemental Faction

Dependent on elements like ice and fire, these heroes offer high utility in combat parties.

  • Tier A: Harley, Belerick, Nimbus Eudora
  • Tier B: Hylos, Estes, Aurora
  • Tier C: Esmeralda, Valir, Gord
  • Tier D: Kadita, Grock, Badang, Cyclops, Miya, Eudora

Tech Faction

Inventive and strategic, Tech heroes provide buffs to allies, turning the tide of battle.

  • Tier A: Atlas, Angela, Mecha Layla
  • Tier B: Claude, Karrie, Natan, Lolita
  • Tier C: Lesley, Saber, X.Borg, Alpha
  • Tier D: Diggie, Bruno, Layla, Jawhead

Martial Faction

Physically powerful with crowd-controlling abilities, these heroes are aggressive and deal massive damage.

  • Tier A: Nimbus Eudora, Irithel
  • Tier B: Akai, Clint, Hanabi, Miracle Clara, Nana, Yi Sun-Shin
  • Tier C: Lapu-Lapu, Zilong, Masha, Lancelot, Wanwan
  • Tier D: Alucard, Franco, Hilda

Order Faction

One of the strongest factions, Order heroes provide buffs and inflict massive bursts of damage.

  • Tier A: Lunox, Oberon
  • Tier B: Akashic, Amaterasu
  • Tier C: Hwang Jini, Tia, Xeno
  • Tier D: Gavana, Karihmet

Mobile Legends: Chaos Faction

Known for their crowd-controlling effects, Chaos heroes are a scary addition to any combat party.

  • Tier A: Shah Torre, Shar
  • Tier B: Anna
  • Tier C: Apostae, Martis, Rista
  • Tier D: Zhask, Yu Zhong

Mobile Legends: Choosing Your Heroes

For an effective combat party, focus on heroes in Tier A and B. Ensure your hero selection aligns with the specific quest requirements. Stay tuned with SLOTBANGJAGO for updates to our hero tier list, and conquer Mobile Legends: Adventure like a pro!