A Strange Tale: Student Pretends to Be Kidnapped

A Strange Tale: Student Pretends to Be Kidnapped

In a really confusing story, a young student did something pretty strange. He pretended he was kidnapped to trick his parents into giving him money. This odd plan came after he fell for a phone scam and lost a lot of his money. This article talks about what happened in this unusual case and what might happen to the student because of it.

The Fake Kidnapping of Student: A Clever Plan or a Tricky Scheme?

This story starts with a 21-year-old student who lives in Negri Sembilan. He got fooled by a phone scam and lost a bunch of money. To try and get the money back, he came up with a wild idea. He faked a kidnapping, hoping to make his parents believe he was in danger and give him a lot of money.

To make it seem real, he recorded a video where he looked really upset with tears on his face. There was another person in the video who acted like the kidnapper and said scary things about hurting the student if they didn’t get the money. This video made the student’s parents very scared and worried.

A Strange Tale: Student Pretends to Be Kidnapped

Parents of Student Decision: They Called the Police

Instead of giving in to the kidnapper’s demands, the student’s parents made a smart choice. They decided to tell the police about the situation. This was the first step to figuring out the truth.

Police Investigation for Student: Finding the Truth

The police began to look into the case once they got the report. They watched the video carefully and started to doubt if it was real. The police did their best to figure out if the kidnapping was a fake. The student’s parents had unknowingly started a process that would show the surprising truth behind their son’s scary plan.

The Big Surprise: He Pretended His Kidnapping

The police worked hard to find where the student was. They found him in a hotel near his school. When they talked to him, he admitted that he had made up the whole kidnapping story.

He told them he had really fallen for a phone scam and lost his money. The scammers knew he couldn’t get the money they wanted, so they made him fake the kidnapping to get money from his parents. What seemed like a real kidnapping was really just a desperate move by a young man caught up in a tricky situation.

Legal Trouble: Investigation Begins

The police quickly started investigating the case under a law called “Section 385 of the Penal Code,” which is about extortion. Doing something like this can lead to serious legal problems, and the student might face tough consequences.

A Victim Who Became a Trickster

This student’s situation is pretty unusual, and it shows how scams can affect people emotionally and mentally. In a weird twist, someone who was a victim of one scam ended up helping the scammers with another scam, which is going to make his legal troubles even more complicated.

Joeman’s Apology: Another Legal Issue

In another story, a YouTuber named Joeman from Taiwan said sorry for doing something against the law. He admitted to using marijuana for fun, even though it’s illegal. He got in trouble with the law, along with some other people. This is a different case, but it reminds us that breaking the law can have serious consequences.

Joeman, after getting out of jail without bail, said it’s important to follow the law and not use marijuana, even if it’s just for fun. His public apology shows that he knows he did something wrong and that we should all respect the law.


The student’s fake kidnapping to get money is a strange example of how people can make really bad choices when they’re desperate. This case tells us that scams can cause problems not only with money but also with the law. The legal issues for both the student and Joeman show that breaking the law can lead to big problems. These stories remind us that people can make choices that have serious consequences.